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Top 7 Festival Glamping Essentials of 2022

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Get your glamping tickets as the festival season is in full swing! You are probably starting to plan your accommodation and work out if there is access to toilets and hot showers on site for that extra comfort.

Wouldn't it be much more fun with friends under the stars in a fully furnished tent, with all the style options available on offer to give the ultimate glamping experience?

England's weather can sometimes be unpredictable, so make sure after you purchase your festival tickets you get the perfect festival tent. There are a lot of glamping options to go for, but look for that luxury bell tent for sale!

Festival season is about to get even more fabulous with these essential glamping items

bell tent

A Bell Tent:

The perfect camping companions are lightweight and portable 3m bell tents for two people, or if you're looking to go with more guests we recommend the 5m bell tents. They're easy enough for anyone to set up in just 15 minutes!

easy setup

Luxury Furnishings:

Bring the luxury of home with you by picking up one of our stylish and durable round tables. These foldable items can easily be stored when not in use, making them ideal for festivals where space may be tight or there are many people coming together at once.

glamping bed

Self-Inflating Mat:

Have a good night's sleep at your next festival with the luxury self-inflating mat. No air pump or electric plug is needed! Simply unfold it to make sure you're comfortable on any surface because this portable mat will work no matter what environment is thrown its way. Don't forget to bring your favourite pillows, bedding and cushions too!

glamping light

A Centre Pole Light:

A light that attaches to the center pole of your bell tent will ensure you can party all night long in beautiful surroundings. For even more glamping, put magic lighting, wind interior fairy lights around it too!

icebox with drinks

A Coolbox:

It's a hot day at the festival and you are searching for something to keep your drinks cool. When the British sun shines, it can easily warm up even if just slightly, so make sure to bring along a coolbox or some other form of refrigeration!


Portable Power Pack:

If you're feeling anxious about charging your phone or using the straighteners, don't fret! You can bring a lightweight and compact power pack with you that will keep both devices charged all weekend long.

This portable charger comes equipped to be charged by regular car adapters as well as solar panels so there's no need to worry when we head out to the event.



By bringing some rugs to lay over your floor in the bell tent, you can make it feel luxurious and create a retreat for yourself.

This festival season be sure that everyone has their best time possible by glamping!

When you're looking for a new bell tent, we've got just what you need! Our tents are perfect whether it be at home, on holiday or at a festival. To learn more about them or buy one today contact us by phone (01323 651324) or email:

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