Is my Bell Tent waterproof and mold resistant ?

Yes and Yes. All Bell Tents when new need to be weathered. What this means is the cotton sometimes lets small amounts of water through the seams when straight out the bag. (nothing to worry about though) Once the canvas has been wet once, this will seal for life, expanding the cotton and creating a completely waterproof tent.

All bell tents have been treated with a mould, rot & water repellent, it's always a good idea to keep treating your Bell Tent after a few seasons.

How long does it take for my order to arrive?

All our bell tents and most of our products are collected from us the same they are ordered, tracked with next day delivery. For shipping into Europe delivery can take 5-7 days.

How long does it take to put up a bell tent and is it easy?

First time putting up a bell tent... 20min. Second time putting up a bell tent.... 15min. After that, it's literally a 10min job.

Do the Bell Tents have a detachable zipped in groundsheet?

YES 100%... It's a fantastic feature on all our Bell Tents. The groundsheet when attached is completely waterproof and is made of 540gsm heavy-duty PVC.

Do I need to weather my Bell tent?

All new bell tents need to be weathered/seasoned, which means they need to get wet! You can do this by hosing down the bell tent completely. You can also have a test run by pitching the tent and letting the bell tent get completely saturated by either rain or even a morning’s due.

This will make sure your bell tent is weathered and completely watertight in heavy rain. There is a waterproofing agent that is applied to the canvas before it is woven, and it is this that needs to be soaked into the canvas whilst also expanding the fibers
sealing the bell tent.

Can I fit a stove in my Bell Tent?

Yes you can our Highlander stoves are perfectly designed for our Bell Tents, just choose the option on the Bell Tent product page, add the stove and don't forget your fire mat.

Do I need a fireproof Bell Tent with a stove?

We sell most of our fireproof Bell Tent's to the trade market. The stove hole in our normal Bell Tent's have a fireproof surround, the flue never actually touches the canvas as it is held by the flashing kit. We would always recommend a fireproof bell tent with any stove.

What is an inner tent and do I need one?

It's basically a bedroom in a tent. Do you need one? It's all down to preference. It can keep you warmer in the evening, hide away all your bedding in the day or just keep you separate from everyone else.

It can be opened up completely in the day time so you don't loose half the room, used as one big room or two smaller rooms with it's partition.

Can I leave my Bell Tent up all year?

Having a Bell Tent up all year especially in the garden is a brilliant idea, just make sure you keep on top of keeping it clean and making sure the doors are open on the days you are not using it to prevent moisture build up.

Is the wind our friend?

Yes it is, and storm Brian back in 2017 is why we say this. But too much wind is always risky. Bell Tents have kept to the same design for a very long time and for good reason, they are extremely aerodynamic. They can tackle harsh weather fronts where a normal tent would not, but they are not designed for extreme weather conditions as all the weight and tension is all on the centre pole.

To make sure you get through those windy days just keep adjusting the guy ropes, making sure the pegs are secure and keep the centre pole straight.

We would not recommend camping in wind gusts over 40km/h and taking down any awnings on any windy days is a good idea.

Do I get a warranty or certification with my bell tent?

All our canvas Bell Tents have a SGS certification and come with 12 month manufacturer's guarantee against manufacturing defects.

How long will delivery take?

24 - 48 hours

Can I track my order?

Yes, add a mobile number E-mail or both at checkout, and we will update you with all tracking information needed.

How To Set Up A Bell Tent & Take Down

Wondering how to set up a bell tent? Assembling and taking down a luxury bell tent is easy! It only takes one person approximately 15 minutes.

There is only one central pole plus the door frame. Peg and tighten the ropes and your bell tent is ready to go! Follow this link to get a full description on how to put up a bell tent, and just as important how to pack it away. How To Set Up A Bell Tent

Do you offer trade discount?

Yes! We offer a discount to all our trade customers and also made some great friendships along the way.

We will issue you with your own unique discount code for all purchases, please get in touch or phone us on +44 (0) 1323 401400

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