Customer Services

Customer Services

Bell Tent Sussex have an excellent customer service team available ready to answer any questions you may have whatever it may be.

You can contact us in several ways:

Monday to Thursday between 9am-5pm and Fridays 9-4pm on 01323 401400 

We try to reply to all our emails within a few hours on receiving them.

Live Chat
A live chat box will be displayed when we have a customer services team available within working hours.


Due to the unexpected circumstances with COVID 19 our live chat and telephone services may not be working as efficient as usual. But we will reply to emails within the day.

How Do We CollectThe Plastic?

We have all grown up to love and respect where we live. The beach is a huge part of our lives which is why we need to protect it as much as we can.

Over the years Bell Tent Sussex have been collecting 1kg of plastic waste for every Bell Tent we sell, all from the Sussex coast. This will then be used to create energy from our local clean, waste to energy centre preventing it from going to landfill. The energy created will be in the form of electricity and hot water. The electricity will be sent the national grid whilst the hot water will be used for network heating. 

Bell Tent Sussex have a few ideas how we can gain interest to actively go out and help keep our beaches clean and safe, whilst having the backing our clean tech company to deal with all the plastic waste in a clean environmentally safe way. 

Our Impact Live

What We Do Now

We joined Greenspark to ensure that Bell Tent Sussex has a positive impact on our planet and its people. Check out our impact so far. For every sale we will collect 10 plastic bottles from the beaches.

Our Impact Live