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5 Effective Ways To Care For Your Canvas Bell Tent

Canvas bell tents are a popular choice for many campers as they can be used to camp in any season. So if you're reading this, then there's no question that you've purchased your tent and may have some questions about how to care for it properly. Well, the good news is that these tents are built to last a lifetime with minimal maintenance required! Here, we'll go over five key guidelines for canvas tent care to keep it in top shape all year round.


Cotton proof treatment

Our canvas bell tents are treated with a potent, eco-friendly waterproofing and anti-mildew agent before they are woven. These treatments allow for adequate ventilation, ensuring that your tent is as fresh inside as it looks outside! After a good few years of use, ensure that you keep on top with a cotton proof treatment to maintain your fabric's water repellency and breathability.


Clean your tent properly

Cleaning your tent is a great way to keep it looking and feeling new. The cleaning process will remove excess dirt and dry out any moisture that may have seeped in overtime.
Make use of a reasonable amount of dish soap when washing the canvas since too much could lead to shrinking or tearing the fabric.
You'll also need to be careful about products that could leave a residue on your tent material. This includes bleach cleaners as well as certain types of insect repellents, laundry detergents etc.
You might be tempted to throw your bell tent into the washing machine, but this is not a good idea as this could damage or even tear its fabric and seams.
  • Step one is getting the dirt off by unzipping, turning inside out and shaking loose debris from your summer escape!
  • Spot clean your tent with a soft sponge and mild dish soap or a high-quality cleaner for outdoor gear. Avoid harsh cleaners such as bleach, spot remover, etc., as they can strip your tent of its protective coating.
For extremely dirty conditions:
  • Immerse your tent and rainfly in lukewarm water, add a quality cleaner and leave it for about 20 minutes.
  • Rinse your tent properly with clean water to remove any soap that may be lingering.
  • Finally, leave your tent in a shaded outdoor spot for several hours to dry.

Pitch your tent on a good surface

Choosing a suitable site to set up camp is a vital canvas care necessity that a lot of people overlook. Some ground surfaces are more suitable for pitching than others. Ideally, your canvas bell tent should be pitched on a soft and flat surface, preferably with good quality ground cover underneath so that the floor of your tent doesn't get soaked in water or damaged from sharp objects poking through.
If you plan to use the same spot for camping regularly, it's important to clear the area before pitching to remove any existing hazards from the site.


Keep your bell tent dry and avoid storing when damp

If you're packing away your canvas tent after a long day of adventuring, make sure you air it inside-out before putting it in storage. Never store your tent when it's damp! Using a dehumidifier is a good idea, but it's not ideal.
After use, the best option is to open up your tent and let it breathe! If for any reason you can't dry it immediately, take it out of storage when opportune and dry for several hours before storing it over a long time.A good tip is to unzip the groud sheet and store separately.
If the weather is particularly wet and humid where you live, be incredibly mindful, as mould may grow if there are prolonged periods without ventilation due to damp conditions.
You'll also want to inspect your canvas bell tent regularly for moulds. As long as you keep your tent clean and dry, it should last for many happy years of use!


Dealing with a moldy canvas tent

Mould buildup is one of the most common issues campers face, and it can be difficult to get rid of. Mould is a naturally occurring fungus that grows on moist surfaces like your canvas tent when it's left out in the rain or exposed to moisture over time.
As dreaded as mould is, it's not the end of the world if your bell tent gets affected. Below are two effective ways to deal with it:
One way is by spraying the affected areas with a solution of white vinegar + water to break down the mould on the outside surface. After spraying, leave the vinegar solution to dry, then spot clean with a solution of warm water, lemon and salt. It's important not to scrub too hard when cleaning as you don't want to loosen any stitching or seams of your bell tent since it's a delicate structure.

You can also get your hands on potent enzyme, mould and mildew cleaners for your specific fabric. Ensure that you do proper research before making any purchase.


Professional Cleaning

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, only professional cleaning will do the job! We are pleased to recommend The Canvas Cleaning Company – a commercial canvas laundry specialising in cleaning, waterproofing and repairing bell tents. Our customers give them glowing reviews about the service and they are our go to company!

Bell Tent Cleaning | The Canvas Cleaning Company



With these five easy-to-follow guidelines, you'll be able to take care of your canvas tent and keep it in pristine condition. Remember that if you ever need help or have any questions about caring for your tents, we're always happy to answer them!