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Top five glamping games that are perfect for summer

Are you thinking of heading out into the great outdoors this summer for a glamping adventure? Are you wondering what you could get up to or how to entertain the kids? Well, we’ve got the top five glamping games you can get stuck into!

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Do you like beautiful walks in the British countryside but need to keep the kids entertained along the way? Then Geocaching is the activity for you. A modern form of treasure hunting where you find hidden stashes or objects around the countryside is the perfect game for adventurers of any age.

It's one of the fastest-growing hobbies in the UK, with around 70,000 caches in the UK alone. Using global positioning system (GPS) devices, Geocaching also teaches orienting skills to your little explorers. 

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When going glamping, you are blessed with the beautiful British wildlife. It's so important that we stay connected to nature and show our children the importance of protecting it. 

Bird-watching can help teach your little ones the different native birds and can be an excellent lesson in patience and staying quiet when observing wildlife.

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Board games 

Why not surprise your glamping party with a new and exciting board game? Board games can be an excellent way to bring all the family together and share long-lasting camping memories. 

Millions of new board games are released every year, with a perfect game out there for everyone. Create that magical glamping environment with a board game under the sunset around a campfire.

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Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are perfect outdoor activities when glamping; you can customise them to any level of difficulty, and they are great ways of getting little ones involved in nature. 

You can create your scavenger list any way you want, from finding items of certain colours, to specific leaf types. If you're going to raise the stakes, you can offer prizes and add time limits to your hunts.

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Campfire charades

The campfire is the heart of a glamping trip, and you want to spend as much time as you can around it in the evening, warming your hands and toasting marshmallows. 

Another excellent activity you can get up to is charades. It can help teach kids to be creative with limited resources and think outside the box when working around a problem. Not to mention it’s great, hilarious fun for the whole family! 


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