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Air Bed vs Camping Mattress

Air Bed vs Camping Mattress

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Why you should Replace your air bed with a supportive folding camp bed and mattress, thin, deflating air beds are a thing of the past, and you can look forward to a refreshing and fulfilling night's sleep on a camping mattress.

We're going to run you through all the benefits of a tent camping mattress over an air bed so you can have a relaxing night's sleep next time you go glamping. Here's a quick air mattress vs sleeping mat comparison to help you make your camping trips more comfortable.

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1. Regarding mattresses, you need to learn a bit about passive vs active support. Materials such as closed cell foam pads or springs in a sleeping pad give active support, which allows the material to mould to your body and provide more significant support. Air mattresses provide more passive support, resulting in a harder and more uncomfortable sleep.


2. Most air mattresses lack airflow and can cause excessive sweating during the night due to their lack of breathability. They can’t naturally absorb moisture, making it difficult to have a peaceful night's sleep.

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3. Air beds can be tough to pack and fold back into their packaging. With a handy foldable camp bed, you can easily set up and store away without the sweat-breaking hassle of rolling any air out and squeezing it back into a sleeping bag.


4. With an air mattress, you are reliant on a pump or plug. If they break or you are too far away from an electrical socket, this can be a disaster. A self-inflating mattress doesn't have this issue, and you can ensure you will have a restful sleep even during if you are car camping.


5. There are many problems associated with overinflated air mattresses, where they can in rare occasions explode and cause damage to you or your belongings. Leave this risk behind with self-inflating mats. Whether it's a rough or cold ground, sleeping pads keep you comfortable everywhere.


Good Night's Sleep at Every Camping Trip!

Old-fashioned camp beds are a thing of the past; folding camp beds and self-inflating mattresses are new trendsetters with foam sleeping pads to glorify your camping trip even in the cold weather. Grab a folding camp bed or inflatable mattress so you can start sleeping sound on your glamping trips.

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