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Camper Gear Must-Haves

Camping Gear Must-Haves

Camper Gear Must-Haves

Ensure you are prepared with all the essential camping equipment next time you embark on a camping trip, with our must-haves equipment list.  From camping furniture to camper gear, we will make sure your camping trip is a success as you explore new places and enjoy nature.

It’s easy to think that camping equipment begins and ends with basic camping accessories, such as chairs and  furniture, but what about other equipment that will elevate your trip to become the perfect glamping experience?

Camping Kitchen & Cooking


You don't want to be messing about with matches on a windy night outside your tent, so make sure you pick up a Micro Refillable Flame Torch for your next adventure. This mini tool will ensure you can easily light any BBQ and cook your camping food without the worry of it blowing out. Bringing the right camping equipment to your next family camp is crucial for a plane sailing holiday.

If you're going to stay in a bell tent and want to do some cooking, a camping stove is essential to keep you warm on those winter nights and help you make dinners and hot drinks. Our extensive range of highlander stoves are sturdy and high quality to ensure a smooth camping trip.

Bring a stove water heater and ensure you have coffee and tea whenever needed. This stove water heater holds 3 litres of water; all you need to do is connect the flue and turn the nozzle to overhang the stove once it's boiled; it's that easy.

Camping Tents & Accommodation

On your next camping trip, try out different camping tents and stay in a bell tent to create magical memories with your family. You can get bell tents in various sizes, perfect for your next adventure in the great outdoors.

bell tent

Most bell tents range from three to six metres and generally fit about two to seven people. Even when glamping, getting the right size tent without being uncomfortable is essential. These premium tents will transform your UK staycation and bring joy to all the family.

bell tent

If you're looking for small tents, the 3-metre bell tents are essential for a great weekend away for small groups or couples. Bell tents from 4-5 metres are perfect for slightly larger groups of four to five members. Finally, the larger 6-metre tents are great for larger groups.

What's even better about these camping tents is they fit full-sized camping furniture, such as double beds, chairs and tables, perfect for the whole family. The tent can be easily erected with only one person with just a few guy ropes and tent pegs.


If you want to enjoy your next UK staycation in a bell tent, you're going to need other camping accessories such as tent pegs, guy ropes and a peg hammer; these you can't live without. Coir mats are also perfect for creating a more homely and comfortable stay in your tent.

Camping Furnishings & Sleeping


You can still have a perfect night's sleep in the great outdoors with the right essentials. Sleeping bags are out, and camp beds are in. Mattresses have much better support than air beds and ensure you receive the proper support on your next camping trip.

Outdoor canvas hammocks are the perfect essential for a fun camping weekend away with your bell tent. Great for a relaxing trip in nature or for those wild campers looking to enjoy nature to the fullest; who needs conventional chairs when you have a hammock?

Camping essentials

We've run you through our essential camping equipment, furniture and accessories to ensure your next family adventure is the best it can be. Explore more on our website and check grab a bell tent for sale today.

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