No Need for Planning Permission With Exemption Certificates !

No Need for Planning Permission With Exemption Certificates !

Simplifying Your Campsite Setup with Campfire Companions Club UK

At Bell Tent Sussex, we’re excited to announce our partnership with Campfire Companions Club UK! Starting a camping or glamping business in England can seem overwhelming, especially with the planning permissions involved. But with Campfire Companions Club, you can easily overcome these challenges.

The Benefits of Exemption Certificates

1. No Need for Planning Permission One of the biggest hurdles in setting up a campsite is obtaining planning permission. With Campfire Companions Club’s exemption certificates, you can bypass this lengthy and complicated process. This means you can start your campsite or glamping site without dealing with local authority planning permissions.

2. National Park Friendly If you’re looking to set up in a National Park or Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), you’re in luck. These sites can qualify for exemption certificates, allowing you to operate in some of the most scenic locations in England.

3. Flexibility for Land Tenants You don’t need to own land to apply for an exemption certificate. Even if you’re renting, you can still set up a campsite or glamping site, making this a versatile option for many aspiring campsite owners.

4. Streamlined Process Exemption certificates simplify the planning process significantly. Campfire Companions Club will handle communications with your neighbors and local council, reducing bureaucratic hurdles and saving you time and effort.

5. Cost-Effective Setting up a campsite can be expensive. Exemption certificates offer a low-cost alternative, saving you money that can be better spent on enhancing your site. This cost efficiency also allows for a quicker return on investment.

6. Quick and Easy Setup The streamlined process ensures you can get your campsite up and running quickly. Campfire Companions Club’s friendly team is always ready to assist you through every step, from application to site visit.

How to Get Started

Applying for an exemption certificate is simple:

  1. Pick an exemption and fill out the application form.
  2. Book a site visit.
  3. Campfire Companions Club will handle communications with your neighbors and local council.
  4. If approved, you’ll receive your exemption certificate.

Is Your Land Suitable?

To determine if your land is suitable for a campsite, consider the following:

  • There is no minimum size requirement for land.
  • The land should be fairly level.
  • Ensure safe access with clear entry and exit points for vehicles.
  • Display a small CCC certified sign.
  • Have a clearly marked fire point and detailed emergency procedures.
  • Public liability insurance is required.
  • Drinking water must be clearly marked.
  • Toilets are necessary; off-grid options are available if permanent ones require planning permission.
  • No livestock should be on-site 28 days before opening, and none should be present while the site is open.
  • Site guests must be members of Campfire Companions Club (membership is free).

With these steps, you can easily set up a high-quality, legal campsite without the hassle of planning permission. For more information, visit the Campfire Companions Club UK website.

We’re thrilled to offer this opportunity to our customers and look forward to helping you create an exceptional camping experience. Happy camping!

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