Caring for Your Bell Tent: Things You Need to Consider

Caring for Your Bell Tent: Things You Need to Consider

Bell tents have become the go-to for glamping, bringing the ultimate festival chic to your outdoor adventures. From summer holidays with little ones to outdoor weddings, they have tons of uses that make them well worth the investment. But, as any bell tent shop will tell you, if you want to keep your tent for years to come, you need to look after it properly.
That’s where we come in. Learn more about bell tent maintenance with our top tips.

Repair Any Problems Quickly

Bell tents can be a little pricier than basic camping tents, making it a must that you look after yours. It’s normal for a little wear and tear to take place over the years, and we’d recommend starting your maintenance with a quick check of your tent before you take it down to see if you can spot any damage. If there are some little issues, like a tear in the fabric, be sure to repair them quickly before you pack your tent away.

How to Take Care of Your Bell Tent?

Before going to a bell tent shop to buy your camping gear, here are some key maintenance tips you should know:

● Pitch the Tent Correctly: Erecting your bell tent properly is crucial if you want to avoid damaging it. Overstretching the canvas when you put it up, for example, is one of the biggest causes of tears and rips, so be gentle with the fabric to make it last longer. It’s always important you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines, too, and any advice given to you by the bell tent shop team.

● Clean the Tent Regularly: After camping, give your tent a thorough clean. This
should include both the internal and external surfaces, using a gentle antibacterial
solution that’s safe for use on canvas to wipe away any dirt and grime. You can also give the fabric a quick spritz with a waterproof silicone spray to make sure it’s ready to go the next time you use it.

● Allow Proper Ventilation: For prolonged longevity, it’s important to prevent mould and fungi growth in your bell tent. Keep yours mould-free by ensuring it’s properly cleaned and dried before putting it away. A damp tent is going to cause a lot of problems down the line!

These steps are a great start to keeping your bell tent in good shape for years to come. You can also improve longevity by opting for a high-quality tent from our friendly team at Bell Tent Sussex, a leading bell tent shop in the area. We supply a wide variety of high-quality bell tents for all sorts of occasions, making us the first choice for your glamping needs.

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