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Seeking A Trusted Bell Tent Supplier For Your Outdoor Adventures?

Bell tents enable you to create your own glamorous haven pretty much anywhere, from the beaches of Cornwall through to the wilds of Alaska. 

Probably the most ‘Instagrammable’ tent in existence, they enable you to get creative with interior design. From warming stoves to piles of colourful Boho-style cushions, every bell tent reflects the unique tastes of its owner. 

interior design

Cotton bell tents are highly breathable, meaning they’re suitable for use even during the hottest months; however, they’re also durable, so can be used many times. They’re particularly great for using during summer and offer more ventilation than the average canvas tent.

A top supplier of bell tents in a range of sizes.


Bell tents are probably most associated with ‘glamping’ and enable you to create your own private Eden. Whatever size you might be looking for, you’ll find it among our range at Bell Tent Sussex.

We have premium quality tents for any trip, all of which are made from premium cotton. Rated excellent on ‘Google’, we’re committed to being a reliable supplier that delivers high quality products combined with excellent customer service.

Latest tents include this 4 Metre Tent which is breathable, waterproof and has a handy stove hole. Extremely portable, it’s easy to pack up and take anywhere.

If you’re looking for a bell tent supplier, don’t forget to check out our latest collection today.