Large Cotton Canvas Bell Tents Measuring 6 Metres - Bell Tent Sussex

Large Cotton Canvas Bell Tents Measuring 6 Metres

Looking to invest in beautiful bell tents before next summer?

Bell Tent Sussex makes it easy to buy or rent bell tents in a range of sizes, including 6m. We not only have high quality canvas tents but fantastic accessories, including:

  • Coir flooring. This type of flooring is not only stylish but has excellent insulation properties. 
  • Stoves. The ability to stay warm is one of the biggest advantages of glamping over regular camping. 
  • Furniture. Furnishing your new bell tent is more enjoyable than ever with our range.
  • Indian rugs for a bohemian look.

Our 6M bell tents include this Tent with Stove Hole and Flap which is made from 100% cotton canvas. With this sized tent, you won’t have to worry about cramming everything in. Water repellent, waterproof, and mosquito resistant, it’s ideal for camping in a wide range of conditions. 

6m Bell Tent With Stove Hole & Flap

Since the material is highly breathable, it will help to prevent issues like stuffiness and condensation. Glamping is more enjoyable than ever with its stove hole and flap. Setting this bell tent up is straightforward and stress-free. You’ll receive everything needed to set up the tent, including pegs and guy ropes.

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