Why buy a canvas bell tent? Find Out Why this Popular Tent is Gaining Traction in the Glamping World! - Bell Tent Sussex

Why buy a canvas bell tent? Find Out Why this Popular Tent is Gaining Traction in the Glamping World!

Why buy a canvas bell tent? Find Out Why this Popular Tent is Gaining Traction in the Glamping World!


 Why buy a canvas bell tent?
Why a bell tent?


Why buy a canvas bell tent?

Bell tents are the rage these days for outdoor excursions and adventures. Campers love the sleek design of canvas bell tents and are a popular choice from glamping, celebration decors, or camping at festivals.

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Can you imagine waking up with light refracting gently on your face? The seemingly floating tent adorned with boho fashion sense makes you nights magical in every way. It’s a classic, aesthetic design where campers often string up fairy lights along to bring a rustic and charming style to your Bell tents.


Bell tents are commonly used in glamping or luxury camping and is often completed with air beds, carpets, fire stoves, pillows, and buntings. It offers a much generous space for sleeping, prepping meals, or socialization.


Why Bell tents are popular?

Bell tents appeases to the younger crowds brought by its minimalist and boho chic design when camping through festivals. In a survey by the Great British Glamping Report, about 21% of campers book Bell tents because of its beauty and convenience. Camping booking site, Pitchup, were able to record a 77% increase in Bell tents reservations in 2018.


Camping can be stressful to plan, thus, glamping is a more viable option for you. Here’s what we think, why Bell tents are gaining traction in the market:


Saves time. Bell tents take 10 minutes to put up, and with the sizes they come in, its no wonder people rather this option to a tent that would take 1 or 2 hours.

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Why buy a canvas bell tent?

 Convenient for families. Families with younger kids will find it easier to juggle, with a quick set up and space to put a cot or even a few single beds, just makse life that little bit less stressful.


 More time to have fun. Getting petty squabbles over you camping trip? A glamping holiday eases everyone out. Large groups of friends will have more bonding time due to stress-free camping. It’s the perfect time for everyone to just enjoy and relax.


Versatile use other than camping. Event planners love sleek design of Bell tents enough to incorporate with intimate celebrations. Canvas Bell tents makes it ideal to hold children’s birthday parties or intimate gatherings for the family.


 Let’s you enjoy the outdoors with modern-day comfort. Sometimes, you’ll find it hard navigating the outdoors and DIY camping essentials.  It’s the perfect solution to immerse with nature without sacrificing the comfort and luxury to do so.


Advantages of a canvas Bell tents

Bell tents are an investment campers will cherish for years. They’re durable and built to last, and while you’re with Bell Tent Sussex, our premium tents are worth the quality you spend on.

Why buy a canvas bell tent?

 Protects you from heat and lets the tent stay cooler

Canvas is a thick fabric cloth (around 280gsm or so) that reduces the sun’s UV rays and heat getting through to the insides of the tent. Due to its dense properties, they trap the cool air inside the tent from getting exposed to the heat of high daylight.

Why buy a canvas bell tent?

protection from the sun

Why buy a canvas bell tent?

 It also retains heat in cold temperatures

Insulation enables canvas tents to stay warmer during winter. The heat inside is insulated from escaping the tent, thus, making canvas tents warmer. When camping under extreme temperatures, having a thick canvas Bell tents provides better insulation.


 It’s strong, durable, and long-lasting

Canvas Bell tents are durable and long-lasting – they can withstand the pressures of the environment – sun, wind, tent, snow. A canvas tent that’s well taken care of can last for years. What’s more, it can resist sharp rips and tears from rocks and branches. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have limits.


 Fabric is breathable

Canvas Bell tents are breathable fabrics and reduce condensation and probability of forming moisture inside the tent. It’s well-aerated enough to keep you cool from summer nights.


It’s natural made

Canvas is sourced from the fibers of hemp, flax, and cotton. They’re biodegradable and earth-friendly. However, it’ll take those years to decompose, especially when you’re taking good care of your tent.



They’re easier to repair

Polyester tents tears are often harder to repair than canvas - it reaches to a point where the damage is not worth fixing. Canvas tents are easier to patch due its properties. Got a tear? Replace or supplement your canvas to seal the edges. Canvas tents are thick and tough. Seams can be replaced with the same toughness it has.

 easy to repair

Why buy a canvas bell tent?

 Canvas Bell tents are fire-resistant

Campers love to add fire stoves inside a tent. That’s why they opted for canvas Bell tents due to the room size and ability to withstand hot temperatures. With polyester or poly-cotton tents, exposure to heat will shrink or warp the shape of the tent. Canvas Bell tents aren’t exactly fireproof, but they’re more heat resistant.


 Easy to setup

Bell tents are easy to setup with some campers boasting that it’ll only take them 10 to 15 minutes tops. There are only two poles (mid-pole and tent entrance pole) to align your tents to and a couple of guy ropes and pegs to hold them tight. For first-timers, it’ll take a while to setup you tent, but subsequently, you’ll get used to it.


 Perfect for glamping trips

Canvas Bell tents are the epitome for glamping! The size of comforts of canvas tents make it ideal for holding bedding, pillows, furniture, stoves, and portable refrigerators. With extra room in larger Bell tents, you can play with furnishings and décor to complete a glamping experience.



Canvas Bell tents rose to popularity for glamping family holidays, music festivals, and intimate anniversaries. People love the ease, comfort, and convenience brought by glamping You’re already stressed out from work, why do you have to pressure yourself some more with planning on a holiday?


Buying a Bell tent is an investment because it provides you many years of happy camping experiences. Some tents only lasts for months and don’t provide any value to where your money goes, at Bell Tent Sussex your tent will last you a lifetime.

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