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Family Adventures and Memories with a Holiday in Bell Tents

Family Adventures and Memories with a Holiday in Bell Tents

As we grow up, many of us are separated from our family members by geography and life circumstances. This physical separation makes it hard to spend time together with those who share your history, those who know you as nobody else does, and those you value the most. With the COVID-19 pandemic, our separation from our families has become even more pronounced.


One way to bring people back together is to take a holiday with them. While travelling abroad may currently have many issues associated with it, there's nothing to stop you from taking a break within the UK - and when everyone wants to be together, a bell tent is really the only way to make it happen.

You might want to go on a holiday with your siblings and their families - there's nothing better than being the cool aunt or uncle on a family adventure. You might want to take a break with your mum and dad or even escape the day-to-day routine with your friends and their families.

Perhaps the essential aspect of a family holiday like this is to create memories that will last a lifetime. Many families regularly opt for a bell tent when they go camping, as it produces an adventurous and fun environment to enjoy together.

Being on a campsite will change how people feel, and they tend to want to spend more time with each other - which is great because you're in this together! Family activities are the order of the day, and it starts when your holiday begins - even putting the tent up will be a joint effort.


Of course, this interaction and teamwork make it a thoroughly enjoyable time. You'll soon find yourself playing games, taking walks, having fun, and appreciating the time you spend with other people.

Under other circumstances, you might not enjoy it so much - the games are cheesy, you never really connect with people, and you'd rather sit in front of the TV than take a walk. But really, times have changed.

Bell tents make it possible for you to get together with people you haven't seen in a long time and experience them at their best. You're away from it all, from the invasive technology, from the responsibility of work, and your usual routine.

The family members can finally connect and talk, rediscovering what it is that makes every family special.

As for the location, bell tents are often set up in a field which brings the great outdoors right to your doorstep. The beautiful sights of nature can be seen even when you're sitting in the bell tent: green fields, hillsides dotted with sheep or cows, trees swaying gently in the breeze. It's not just good for your soul; it also makes for some fantastic photographs that will further enhance the memories of the good time you had!


Family bell tents are also an excellent chance for everyone to get involved and share their interests. If there's one of you who loves fishing, there will be plenty of opportunities to enjoy yourself in the wild country setting, and don't forget to bring everyone else along to pass on a skill and a fantastic memory.


If you're looking for something more sedate or relaxing, then don't worry! The quieter pursuits like reading or birdwatching can be equally as much fun when you're in a bell tent with your family.

Bell tents offer the best option for getting together with those you want to spend time with this year. The only question remaining is, who are you going to take with you?


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